Will Céline Dion Perform at the 2024 Paris Olympics?

Bethy Squires

Celine Dion has vowed to return to performing, after coming forward with her stiff-person syndrome diagnosis. And there are currently rumors circling that Dion’s big return to the stage could coincide with the 2024 Paris Olympics. The Sun claims that she’s been offered a slot. But are they true? Hoda Kotb weighed in on WWHL. Kotb has spent time with Dion recently, filming a primetime interview special in June of this year. She told Andy Cohen that Dion almost spilled on her performing plans for the future. “They were shooting us doing that walk-and-talk,” Kotb said, “and her manager was off-camera. And I go ‘So what’s going on, when are you performing again?’ And she goes ‘Can I tell her?’ And her manager goes ‘NO!’” Which twigged Kotb to the fact that there’s most likely a secret date already on the books.

Her WWHL co-guest Savannah Guthrie thinks it has to be the Olympics. Cohen isn’t so sure. “I think it’s not gonna be [the Olympics],” he said, “and here’s why: I think it would be amazing, but my understanding is that this is something that she can’t control.” Cohen thinks that the Olympics are too fixed, and don’t give Dion the leeway she would need for a potential comeback. Kotb thinks that since Dion has gotten her meds sorted out, the world is full of possibilities. Possibilities that include a performance in gay Paree.

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