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Review: Jenna Ortega Glows In Campy Thriller “Miller’s Girl”

Although imperfect, vehemently so, Jade Halley Bartlett’s Miller’s Girl is still a damn fine

R.C. Baker R.C. Baker

The CNN Original Series ‘The Many Lives of Martha Stewart’ Goes Beyond the Brand

© Henri Dauman Archive DaumanPictures.com / All Rights Reserved She’s been known

Michele Stueven Michele Stueven

Review: ‘Origin’ Travels to New Territory But Doesn’t Quite Find Its Way

Origin is a movie about a book  — specifically, the bestselling, Pulitzer

R.C. Baker R.C. Baker

Don’t Forget About Cindy Sterling

Cindy Sterling: I think my favorite album/EP within the most recent years is Dominic

Brett Callwood Brett Callwood